Tromba Marina

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This unusual instrument is also called a Marine Trumpet, Nonnengeige, Nun's Fiddle, or Trumscheit.

Trumpet Bridge

Cecil Adkins' Lecture at the MFA Boston

"The 50 sympathetic strings give it a subtle celestial ring, while the trumpet bridge produces a cutting trumpet-like melodic buzz..."

Ancient European Musical Instruments

"Yet when the bridge is properly placed and the string tension is delicately balanced with respect to the mass of the bridge, then the sounds become surprisingly clear and loud; the timbre becomes so similar to that of the trumpet and the whole effect is so startling that it must be heard to be believed."

Bridge Diagram

Detail of a Peterson tromba ornament

Tromba Music

Hear for yourself a short sample of the glorious mystery of this incredible instrument while you browse a list of compositions!


The Tromba Marina A Study in Organology 1978 / 2002 by Dwight Newton

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